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Virgin records 75 bands picture answers

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#1 Virgin records 75 bands picture answers

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Virgin records 75 bands picture answers

Virgin Digital created this awesome digital composite image some time back. There are 75 bands hidden in there. Can you spot Galleries uncut men dicks of them? This image has been floating around the internet for a long time. Be sure to enlarge and view it in full screen! What a clever piece of marketing! My friend Virgin records 75 bands picture answers sent this image to me thanks dude! I ended up spending a few days poring over it and got around Virgin records 75 bands picture answers thirds of the bands. Then I promptly forgot about checking out the answers until now. Yes, I have the answers. Are you ready for them? Here are the answers. But promise me you would spend some time on the image before taking a lookie will ya? The answers display just 70 bands because it is a cropped image. If you love this kind of game, you may wish to check out my post on hidden object games. I have featured and recommended some of the games that I personally like. You do need a good artist and designer though to render it beautifully and I wonder if we can find such talents here in Singapore. Polynesian gay porn movies version you sent me still has me totally confused… some are so literal its absurd, but there are some pretty vague ones too hehe. Good to see you getting back into the swing of posting. As always, keep us entertained: There is yet another movie composite image floating around! Not from Virgin, and it has hidden movies! And I find that I totally suck at it! Notify me of new comments via Gay daytona beach dance club. You can also subscribe without commenting. Click here to cancel reply. Walter Jan 31, Sheer peignoir white features feel musically challenged now hahaha. Veron Feb 1, Fernando Feb 1, Veron Feb 2, ThePaperGangsta Aug 16, 1. I can only find. Submit comment Click here to cancel reply.

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Find 74 bands in this picture This has been around for a while but I only found it today. Sorry if it's been done before! Click here or on the image below for a larger version of the image it will open in a new tab or window , then hover the mouse over the image and use the magnifying glass if necessary to maximise it further. None of that searching the internet business! Only guess 3 bands at a time before waiting for someone else to have a go 3. If this is attempted I will update the answer list, but please copy the growing list in your reply. Feel free to question any answers if you think they are incorrect!! Correct answers so far First come first served with the answers! Spelling has to be correct too ie Gorillas wrong, Gorillaz right! Scissor Sisters Dame A 2. Led Zeppelin Dame A 3. Rolling Stones Dame A 4. Smashing Pumpkins onetoo 5. Pet Shop Boys Karma 7. The Killers stoory 9. Bs stoory two jets at the top of the picture The Eagles stoory below the gorillas Guns n' Roses stoory on the green hand cart Madonna Garage Joe a poster in the shop on the left U2 Garage Joe there are two lower case "u's" on the wall Green Day lal on calendar Red Hot Chili Peppers stoory among the fruit on the left Whitesnake onetoo on the other side of the Virgin sign Garbage Scotty on the zebra crossing Alice in Chains stoory below the big spoon Deep Purple stoory The building in the background Lemonheads onetoo on the cart on the right hand side Bee Gees stoory A b and two g's on the wall of the telly shop Beach Boys onetoo the two with the surfboards in between the beacons Black Flag onetoo Black flag hanging out of the window [shop on the right] The White Stripes Scotty on the road Pink El Loro the colour of the sky Matchbox 20 Cinds Radiohead lal on zebra crossing The Doors Scotty - under white snake to the left Blind Melon Cinds - foreground bottom right Skinny Puppy Pengy - in front of the kids at the pet shop Korn Pengy - on the cart...

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#3 Caught naked tgp

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Caught naked tgp

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Fuck hard movie

When you think your done with this flick, be sure to check other searching games below! James is the manager of moillusions. He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! Check him out on https: Man… I can see heaps in there! The boy in yellow and a poster of a shark in the corner of the left building. Right under the white snake there are coloured panel and some people dancing. Contrary to what was posted earlier the two pictures look to me both Kennedys that are dead, John and John-John. Anybody figure out the long haired person on the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble? Pet Shop Boys Nine inch nails The Beach Boys The Postal Service The White Stripes The Blues Brothers I never knew for some of these bands Jet? If you think some of these are falsly spoted up till now, comment! If I wrote some band twice, comment! Hole is out of the USA, it is the band that Courtney Love heads up, they have been around for quite awhile, with international sales. Oh and you have a conflict with Knicle Back and 50 cent. Scorpion a smal one between the petshop boys and guns and roses, at least that what i think it is. New to the list: Cornershop — the shop sign at the corner, left hand side Dinosaur Jr. Is ther a band named Squid? They look like they are wearing go go boots. They arent revolvers and they arent velvet. Peter, Paul and Mary the three holding hands skipping in front of the Rolling Stone towards the foreground. Keep looking for more folks some of these are preety...

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Russian travel companies

Deanna just pointed me to this really cool image. So, blog reading audience, with your varied taste… can you identify the rest? You can comment as many times as you want. Thanks to Black Cloud for posting answers 74 bands. Click this box to reveal the answers. Alice in Chains 3. The Rolling Stones 4. Pet Shop Boys 9. Nine Inch Nails Red Hot Chili Peppers The Beach Boys The Postal Service No cheating Gina, or anyone else. By the way, are you certain of the cut off portion? Polyphonic Spree seemed too obvious. Why would you think that the girl is Jane? Thanks for that website. Anyone have any ideas? Is Chevelle the 75th? That gang in white was already recognized as the Manic Street Preachers. The Vines look possible, and I added The Roots as another possibility. Thanks for the Scorpions. I had forgot that alicia had already mentioned them, and I had forgotten to add it. The Gorillaz could also be The Monkees. Would you mind showing me where Madonna is and i think the girls kissing in the back is TATU, the like german lesbian band; they had a hit awhile ago. Madonna is in the picture by the shop. Here are the correct answers.. One of the girls is squeezing the others butt. Could it be there are more than 74? When is this game over? When I first started my list I figured we would reach 75 and that would be it. But a lot of the readers found multiple meanings from much of the imagery, so I decided, from the ones I saw seemed possible, why not go over However, a commenter recently posted their answers here. Is that supposed to be The Roots? This is an earlier...

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Virgin records 75 bands picture answers

Music Quiz: Find 74 bands in this picture... ANSWERS | GaGaJoyJoy

Deanna: there are 75 bands in that picture for example, u2, smashing Ok. just for the record, i had the ones that are repeated before erin. sujay .. Blackcloud: do you know if virgin will post the answers? or do you have to. We recently posted this photo on our facebook page with 75 bands cryptically hidden amongst it. We later discovered that the version we. Briefly indicate which part of the picture matches the band/ artist ie please explain your answer! Madonna (Garage Joe) a poster in the shop on the left Can you find the 75 Bands in this picture? Original challenge and answers here. jane's addiction jewel kiss korn led zeppelin madonna matchbox twenty nine inch nails pavement pet shop.

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