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a slaves Rendition. A Day At The Beach Mistress Amber watched from the window of the beach house as the van pulled up. Four men unloaded the equipment and headed down toward the beach, each one excited with anticipation.

#1 Stories about sucking it

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Stories about sucking it

I am happily married and consider myself basically heterosexual; it's summertime now and I find myself turning to take a look Stories about sucking it nearly every female that passes by, and it's a rare guy who attracts even a fraction of that interest. Okay, maybe once in a while a particularly handsome looking Arab type with androgynous features. Most white guys, though, it would never occur to me. Still, under the right circumstances I found myself interested enough to explore a bisexual side a few times in my life. It was all in college, more than a decade ago. Several of my classes were near a restroom that seemed to attract a lot of traffic. I was naive enough that it took me a long time to figure out why there was a permanent hole gouged in the wall between two adjacent stalls. I was in there one day-- it was packed, little did I know why-- and glancing through the hole at the guy next door I see him pulling on his cock, nearly erect. My mouth went dry and I watched for quite a little while, keeping my growing erection out of sight, I hoped. I wanted him to come-- I wanted to see that, and it didn't occur to me that he was trying to hold off. I finally packed up and left. Thinking about it a fair amount I finally put it together. When my live-in girlfriend was home for a weekend I decided that I was going to suck a guy's cock. I went to the restroom one night and looked to see if anyone was around. Sure enough there was a guy in there, again pulling on his cock, a little thinner but longer than mine. There, you know I'm not just relating a Penthouse Forum story now. I started doing the same and he got a piece of toilet paper and scribbled something Eating cheese in pregnancy it, wanting to know what I wanted to do. I wrote back this was silly-- it was deserted and we should have talked that I wanted to blow him but it was my first time doing anything like this. He seemed nervous too, though I doubt it was his first time. I told him about an office we could go into where we would be alone and I led him there. We went into the supply closet and he pulled out his cock again. I couldn't look at him, I was too embarassed, I just wanted to suck it and be done with that. I knelt down in front of him and tried to get some saliva into my mouth-- I'd had enough blowjobs to have some idea of how to give one-- and slipped my mouth around the head. I sucked out, then licked some more and got it all the way in my mouth. In, Premarital education powerpoint, in, out. I kind of wish I'd paid more attention to how it...


#2 Httest babe ever

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Httest babe ever

Linda was five foot three, one hundred and twenty pounds and very sexual. And best of all she loved to suck cock more than anything. Shawn dated her for two years. A year after I got to spend two weeks fucking her. She took my virginity and gave me hour long blowjobs. I got an inferiority complex about it and eventually started fantasizing about Shawn fucking her, not me. Eventually Shawn got a new girlfriend and after a year we all got drunk together and he wanted a three some. Not exactly a fun way to spend an evening. A few weeks later Shawn caught me and Paige making out. This ended our friendship and I started dating her for three months. Then she cheated on me and fucked him a few times behind my back. He rubbed it in telling me how he nailed her from behind bent over the back of my couch. I got so turned on thinking about it and pretended to be mad. I literally jerked off afterwards. A month passed and I miss my best friend Shawn. He agreed to let me come over to talk. We sat at a card table and got drunk. We talk about girls and sex and how he was pissed at me. Then I got down on my knees and started to rub my hands and face all over his dick through his Levis. When I felt how big and hard it was, I got a little bit intimidated because he was obviously bigger than me. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped and opened his fly and then struggled to pull his cock out of his silk boxers. Once I got it out I started stroking him for about a minute until something took over me and I indulged myself literally, jamming his big cock into my mouth. I sucked, bobbing my mouth up and down, licked his shaft and even swirled my tongue around it like a lollipop. To my surprise I was fully hard and pre-cumming like crazy without him even touching me. This never happened before. I kept sucking and experimenting with techniques until I felt his hands on my head. Shawn pushed me down forcing me to deep throat his nice, hard cock. Then suddenly I felt a way I never felt before. I felt completely submissive and under his control. Then I opened...

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#3 Asian shooter virginia tech

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Asian shooter virginia tech

Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal cock sucking. Views Rating Favorite Newest. The Gentlemen's Panty Club Pt. The Daughter's Boyfriend A father's descent into gay submission begins. Returning a Favour Married women thanks friend properly with husband permission. The Transvestite Divorce Transcript Likely transcript of our divorce proceedings. One Friday Night Jill's coming out party. Sending You to Work with a Smile I help you get a 'head' start on your day. Gf Fucked by My Brother in Law! After a New Year's Eve party my gf goes full slut. Best Friends Forever Pt. Boat Trip I finally commit to my bi fantasies. Then hubby gets his turn. Cruise Ship The Lesbian Confederacy's cruise ship. Cousin's Dilemma I fall for my younger cousin. I want you so badly Workplace Erotica What happens when the Boss catches you masturbating at work? Strip Poker An instructional game of strip poker leads to new adventures. Angela's Secret Angela always takes things too far. Gail Learns a Hard Lesson Gail's father catches her stealing from her mother's purse Fern at the Gym Fern's gym trainer thinks she needs to be pushed harder Anal Seduction Redux Ch. Plot to get revenge on boyfriends takes an unexpected turn. You are a Mess A Sir and His slut play together. Kyla, 38 and Her New Slave Pt. The Woman on the Lake Ch. Pull of the Grove Ch. Sailor Rent-boy Krit gives a hunky sailor his first ride. Cruising Rent-boy Krit cruises for rough sailors in south Philly. Ending the Curse of the Big Cock 9 women thought it too big - but the tenth was the charm! Annette's Cruise Party Pt. Libary Liaison How quick can he make her come between the stacks? Green Eyes, Small Breasts Messy endings, new beginnings. The Lucky PA Advancement takes different roads for a hard working girl. Milk and Cum Ch. Choices and Chances Out of luck drifter gets lucky with a businessman hookup. The Perfect Woman Pt. Bend Where Possible A potential lay instead becomes a...

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#4 Real christian hardcore bands

2. The Muddy Udders.

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Real christian hardcore bands

Just to be clear this is a true story. I was 21 and the other guy was 23 so it is legal I have always considered myself straight and I still do. I was always the manly man in school: This is the true story of my first gay experience. I was 18 at the time and just moved to Jacksonville Florida, and never had a romantic interest in men, but always had gay sexual fantasies. I was leaving the bar late and driving down the road when I came up to a red light. It was cold out so I had the windows up. When I stopped, I looked over at the car beside me. An old guy was driving with his passenger window down. He waved to me. I have always considered myself straight and I still do. And I am still straight, but sometimes sucking a dick is alright. So my very first time sucking a cock was New Years Eve a few years ago. I got home from work late and the house was empty. All of my friends were out partying and I was stuck home alone. With nothing to do, I started to drink and before I knew it I was dead drunk. I got really horny and popped on some porn. But masturbating just wasn't cutting it. Being 7 inch cut, I had no problem finding a few suitors. I clicked on one and he lived a few miles away. We talked for a bit and he was 2 years older than me, muscular, shaven, down to earth type dude: It felt alright so I gave him my address and hopped in the shower to wash myself and to trim the downstairs. Since this being my first m2m experience, my heart was pounding....

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#5 Orgy sex party interacial

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Orgy sex party interacial

It was in a recent post-swallow glory haze that my mind turned to what exactly makes for a superb blow job. What is it about the way I suck cock that he enjoys so much? It is just the physical sensations, or a combination of physical and mental stimulation — or would he come in any warm wet hole if offered the chance? He seems to really enjoy the specific way in which I give him a blow job…. I put myself into a certain mindset when I suck cock. I think it really helps me to give the best blow job possible. A little more teasing in this way and the first drop of pre-cum is glistening at the top of his cock. I like to use that first drop, placing my thumb and index finger to his frenulum and the other side of his cock tip to squeeze out as much as possible. I then brush my thumb lightly over the surface of his shiny exposed head, polishing his weapon with his own brand of lube. His back is already arching at this point and eyes rolling in pleasure… I know because I glance up to make sure. I smile and a tingle stirs my clit. My fingers curl around his rock hard erection and gently move up and down, letting his penis travel in my loose grip rather than holding too tight which may be uncomfortable. His foreskin moves over his frenulum and encourages more pre-cum to leak from his tip, lubricating my actions and resulting in gasps from above me rather than the mere sharply drawn breaths from a moment ago. Sometimes I make that decision, sometimes he makes it for me and I find myself shoved down on his cock, filling my mouth to my...


Stories about sucking it

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In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered what it All Stories; Categories. Bisexual Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. What's wrong with me? I'm str8 guy but can't I stop sucking my friends cock. It all. Enjoy this cock sucking story by Cara Sutra. Want to know how I give him a blow job? A literal blow-by-blow account in words, right here at the. Read My FIrst Time Sucking Dick (True Story) - Free Sex Story on! Just to be clear this is a true story. I have always considered myself straight and. Hot fun when young female guest joins mature couple. An erotic encounter between two men and a lesbian. Joey's mother gives his girlfriend a lesson in.

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