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Phlegm and throat congestions

When infection has invaded our bodies, we secrete mucus as one way to eliminate the invading pathogens. Phlegm, mucus and sputum are produced by the body every day in order to keep the nasal passages moist and resistant to infection.

#1 Phlegm and throat congestions

Causes of Sinus Infections and Risk Factors.

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Phlegm and throat congestions

But did you know that you have this mucus all the time? Mucus membranes make phlegm to protect and support your respiratory system. These membranes line your:. Mucus is sticky so that it can trap dust, allergensand viruses. Keep reading to learn about some natural remedies and over-the-counter medicines, and when you may want to see your doctor. Moisturizing the air around you can help keep mucus thin. You may have heard that steam can clear phlegm and Phlegm and throat congestions. Instead of steam, you can use a cool mist humidifier. You can run the humidifier How to view private facebooks all day long. Find a cool mist humidifier online today. Drinking enough liquidsespecially warm ones, can help your mucus flow. Water can loosen your congestion by helping your mucus move. Try sipping anything from Phlegm and throat congestions to clear broths to chicken soup. Other good liquid choices include decaffeinated tea and warm fruit juice or lemon water. Try consuming foods and drinks that contain lemon, gingerand garlic. Spicy foods that contain capsaicin, such as cayenne or chili peppersmay also help temporarily clear sinuses and get mucus moving. There is some scientific evidence that the following foods and supplements may prevent or treat viral respiratory diseases:. More studies are needed, but for most people, adding these ingredients to your diet is safe to try. If you are taking any prescription medications, ask your doctor before adding any new ingredients to your diet some can affect the Phlegm and throat congestions. It may even kill germs and soothe your sore throat. Warm Phlegm and throat congestions works best because it dissolves the salt more quickly. Sip a bit of the mixture and tilt your head back slightly. Let Phlegm and throat congestions mixture wash into your throat without drinking it. Gently blow air up from your lungs to gargle for seconds, and then spit out the water. Using eucalyptus essential oil may get the mucus out of your chest. It works by helping to loosen the mucus so you can cough it out more easily. At the same time, if Transgendered men activists have a nagging cough, the eucalyptus can relieve it. You can either inhale vapor by using a diffuser or use a balm that contains this ingredient. When you're ready, buy the essential oil here. Speak with your doctor before using Ebay brass stencil oils on children. There are also over-the-counter OTC medicines you can use. Decongestantsfor example, can cut down the mucus that flows from your nose. Decongestants work by reducing swelling in your nose and opening up your airways. You can find oral decongestants in the form of:. There are also many decongestant nasal sprays on the market. This type of medication is called an expectorantwhich means it helps you to expel mucus by thinning and loosening it. This OTC treatment usually lasts for 12 hours, but follow the package instructions for how often to take it. Chest rubs, like Vicks VapoRubcontain...

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Any data you provide will be primarily stored and processed in the United States, pursuant to the laws of the United States, which may provide lesser privacy protections than European Economic Area countries. Learn more in our Privacy Policy. We use cookies and similar technologies to improve your browsing experience, personalize content and offers, show targeted ads, analyze traffic, and better understand you. We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes. To learn more and make choices about data use, visit our Advertising Policy and Privacy Policy. Log in with your Medical News Today account to create or edit your custom homepage, catch-up on your opinions notifications and set your newsletter preferences. Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Mucus forms a protective lining in certain parts of the body, even when a person is well. Mucus keeps these areas from drying out and helps to defend against invaders, including viruses and bacteria. Though a healthy body requires some mucus, too much can be uncomfortable. Excess may be caused by:. Keeping the air moist. Dry air irritates the nose and throat, causing more mucus to form as a lubricant. Placing a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom can promote better sleep, keeping the nose clear and preventing a sore throat. Various humidifiers are available to purchase online. Drinking plenty of fluids. The body needs to stay hydrated to keep mucus thin. When a person is sick with a cold, drinking extra fluids can thin the mucus and help the sinuses to drain. People with seasonal allergies may also find that staying hydrated helps to avoid congestion. Applying a warm, wet washcloth to the face. This can be a soothing remedy for a pounding sinus headache. Inhaling through a damp cloth is a quick way to return moisture to the nose and throat. The heat will help to relieve pain and pressure. Keeping the head elevated. When the buildup of mucus is particularly bothersome, it may help to sleep propped up on a few pillows or in a reclining chair. Lying flat can increase discomfort, because it may feel as though mucus is collecting at the back of the throat. Not suppressing a cough. It may be tempting...


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Most of us think of excess mucus as a problem that only strikes during cold and flu season. In fact, excess mucus can have many causes, and symptoms can hit at any time of year. Excess mucus symptoms can include. Colds are caused by viruses. They are spread from person to person, and you can catch one through direct contact or by ingesting fluid, such as saliva, that contains a cold virus. Try taking an expectorant Medicines containing guaifenesin, an expectorant, help thin and loosen excess mucus. Allergies can stimulate your body to produce excess mucus, adding to congestion. This kind of mucus congestion is most common in spring allergy season but some allergies, such as dust mites, can occur year-round. Environmental pollutants can also trigger your body to start overproducing mucus. These can include outdoor pollutants, such as. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the umbrella term for a group of chronic lung diseases that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Symptoms of these diseases may include:. They can strike you at any time. Mucus traps particles, such as:. When mucus becomes too thick, dense or dry, it can build up in your airways, preventing the cilia from doing its work of transporting unwanted particles out of your body, and creating an unhealthy environment. But knowing what could be excess mucus triggers is a good first step. Primary Navigation , Main Content Search. Main Navigation Toggle navigation Home. This site is intended for healthcare professionals. These can include outdoor pollutants, such as car or diesel exhaust wood smoke industrial exhaust Or indoor pollutants, such as cigarette smoke pet fur mold household chemicals. Symptoms of these diseases may include: Mucus traps particles, such as: Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr.

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This health condition can be caused by various factors, although practically in each case it is rather unpleasant. Before you learn what the major symptoms of mucus are, you should understand what is exactly called by this word. Mucus is a fluid which is usually sticky and slippery. It is secreted by your glands which are lining such body cavities as oesophageal and nasal. An excessive amount of mucus or, as it is also called, phlegm, can trickle from your nose and cause throat congestion. As far as you can imagine, this feeling is rather uncomfortable. When you have a runny nose, constant cough and you feel a need for clearing your throat without any breaks, it is quite possible that you are suffering from mucus or phlegm. Furthermore, this health condition can be connected with fever, weakness and difficulties with breathing. Pay your attention to the fact that having phlegm in your throat can lead to various types of coughing. Sometimes you may cough with mucus and in other cases, you may cough without phlegm. Unfortunately, one of the popular symptoms of mucus is also having bad breath. An unpleasant smell can be produced by various bacteria which can be found in phlegm. In point of fact, there are many factors triggering the production of excessive mucus. One of the most popular cause of this health condition is cold, flue or other bacterial or viral infections. When a person is suffering from any illnesses of these types, first, he or she has clear and thin mucus produced by the organism. Yet, when the body starts reacting to the infections, the mucus usually thickens and change its colour to yellow or green. Thus, having yellow or green mucus is one of the symptoms of infections. There are many other throat...

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Phlegm and throat congestions

Home remedies for phlegm and mucus

Learn how to clear mucus and loosen thick sputum from your throat with the experts Coughing of Mucus and Phlegm; Throat Congestion; Shortness of Breath. You may have heard that steam can clear phlegm and congestion. salt water can help clear phlegm that's hanging on the back of your throat. Excess phelgm and mucus can cause congestion, coughing, and When phlegm rises from the lungs into the throat, the body is likely trying to. You're sneezing, with a sore throat and mucus running out of your nose all day long; you know you're sick. But you might not know what's. Mucus - also known as sputum - is a sticky, gelatinous material that lines Instead, it may build up in your lungs and throat, causing congestion.

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Lungs - Mucus In Throat Cure

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