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Established as a non-profit corporation in , Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County focuses on the economic development of underserved communities in California.

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Latino joins vedc

For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Asked 7 months ago. Why do China not introduce Latin alphabet? I heard Hire agent acting teen oregon Chinese television broadcasting in English that foreigners can learn to speak Chinese rather well, but they have difficulties with learning Chinese writing system script. I saw examples of Chinese sentences Latino joins vedc by Latin alphabet, and they looked much simpler than the original ones. I got an impression that the adoption of Latin alphabet would be profitable for Chinese people and for foreigners. I think you have many good answers to your question; and surely the Chinese will decide for themselves to what degree they want to use Herpes genital bacterial infection script. I wonder though, if there are no further reasons for their not using Latin script more extensively. I am no expert, and please correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that the ideographic character of Chinese script is quite important in holding the Latin chiks black dicks dialects together. My understanding is that the dialects of Chinese are as different from each other as are, e. In consequence, if the Chinese employed a more fully phonetic script, then the dialects would tend to turn into distinct languages. Recall the old joke in linguistics: When are two dialects, dialects of the same language? My understanding is that the major Chinese dialects are not mutually intelligible to native speakers of the dialects--without special training. In spite of that they can read and write the same characters--though the pronunciations are different. Its as though the Europeans all spoke their local languages and, in spite of that, all publication was in Latin. Of course, at one time, this was actually done in Europe. The Chinese characters help hold the different dialect groups together. Shemale cumming on self has a long history of unified, central government with various historical breakdowns into warring kingdoms. I believe that the Chinese see their script as a unifying force in their history. Birla Sweet asian cuties of Management Technology. Macaulay's education system destroyed both the Vedic as well as Islamic Education system in Indian sub continent. Not only the education system was lost but tc a great extent the culture was lost. Using this in literature will result loosing the value of hanzi characters which are with iconographic, symbolic and phonetic. Further, the relationship between chinese characters and chinese culture is strong and very important. Chinese Mandarin uses hanzi and the oldest chinese writing system, we know, has evolved from chinese culture. Hanzi is not only heritage but a base of history, poetry, art and all the culture. Therefore, I strongly feel that replacement of Chinese characters by latin alphabet will neither be accepted by chinese society nor will it allow the culture to be unaffected. If they do, they will loose Texas department of...

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According to the Census, Hispanics in the U. In every single state in the union, the percentage of Hispanics increased. The burgeoning Hispanic population creates both challenges and opportunities for the future, say social demographers and Wharton economists. Short term, Hispanics may stimulate business, pump up weak housing markets, replenish an aging labor force and revitalize dying communities. Longer term, experts say, the country must find a way to educate an increasingly diverse and underprivileged generation of children or risk losing its competitive edge. Bureau of the Census and a sociology professor at Rice University in Houston. And as the number of Hispanic students increased, the number of disadvantaged students also increased, Murdock says. For the first time in history, more than half of all children in Texas public schools are now Hispanic. If we do not provide the resources, if we do not invest in these populations at these young ages … we could be poorer and less competitive than we are today. If we do invest, we could be at an advantage. The challenges are not unique to Texas. Some of the most rapid growth of the Hispanic population has occurred in the South, where industrial expansion and a housing boom drew immigrants looking for work. The changes do not come from immigration alone. The rapid growth of the Hispanic community is both a blessing and a curse for business, which sees a growing Hispanic market but finds it becoming so large and diverse that it is difficult to pin down. Hispanics have their roots in more than 20 different countries and have vastly different ways of eating, speaking and celebrating their heritage. Hispanic groups also vary widely in terms of age, income, education level and home ownership. For the past 30 years, American businesses have marketed to Hispanics as a separate group — a Spanish-speaking minority. But today, the majority of Hispanics are native-born Americans who speak English and do not rely exclusively on Spanish-language media. Villa predicts that Hispanic-focused advertising agencies will dwindle as companies begin to see Hispanics as part of the general market, rather than a segment requiring separate advertising. Last year, brands such as Home Depot, Florida supermarket chain Publix and Burger King consolidated their Latino-targeted advertising efforts, dropping their Hispanic ad agencies and shifting the work to general market firms. Villa has also noticed more English-language advertising directed at the Hispanic population....


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Sanskrit, in its various variants and dialects, was the lingua franca of ancient and medieval India. Sanskrit is an Old Indo-Aryan language. Sanskrit is traceable to the 2nd millennium BCE in a form known as the Vedic Sanskrit , with the Rigveda as the earliest surviving text. The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of philosophical and religious texts, as well as poetry , music , drama , scientific , technical and other texts. In the ancient era, Sanskrit compositions were orally transmitted by methods of memorisation of exceptional complexity, rigour and fidelity. It continues to be widely used as a ceremonial and ritual language in Hinduism and some Buddhist practices such as hymns and chants. Sound and oral transmission were highly valued quality in ancient India, and its sages refined the alphabet, the structure of words and its exacting grammar into a "collection of sounds, a kind of sublime musical mold", states Biderman, as an integral language they called Sanskrit. The sound was visualized as "pervading all creation", another representation of the world itself, the "mysterious magnum" of the Hindu thought. The search for perfection in thought and of salvation was one of the dimensions of sacred sound, and the common thread to weave all ideas and inspirations became the quest for what the ancient Indians believed to be a perfect language, the "phonocentric episteme" of Sanskrit. The term prakrta literally means "original, natural, normal, artless", states Franklin Southworth. Patanjali acknowledged that Prakrit is the first language, one instinctively adopted by every child with all its imperfections and later leads to the problems of interpretation and misunderstanding. The purifying structure of the Sanskrit language removes these imperfections. The early Sanskrit grammarian Dandin states, for example, that much in the Prakrit languages is etymologically rooted in Sanskrit but involve "loss of sounds" and corruptions that result from a "disregard of the grammar". Dandin acknowledged that there are words and confusing structures in Prakrit that thrive independent of Sanskrit. This view is found in the writing of Bharata Muni, the author of the ancient Natyasastra text. The early Jain...

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Latino joins vedc

Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC)

Online Sanskrit Keyboard to type the special Latin characters for Romanization. Vedic Sanskrit Keyboard for the Vedic characters. -> Multilingual keyboard. Combining Latin Small Letter U · U+ ◌ͨ. Combining Latin Small . Vedic Tone Rigvedic Kashmiri Independent Svarita · U+1CF4. ◌᳴. Vedic Tone Candra . as they do in Greek or Latin, without being joined together according to the rules of Sandhi. The text in which the words are thus joined, as they are in all other. The most recent tally of the nation's Hispanic population startled even demographers: According to the Census, Hispanics in the U.S. now. needs to grow at LBA Access-to-Capital Partner VEDC's 12th Annual "Here's the Korean-Latino (KLP) Partnership · LBA Business Networking Series August · Please Join Senator Tony Mendoza for a Holiday Open House.

SBA - NSBW - New York, NY - May 3rd, 2016

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