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Personal life. Moennig was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Broadway dancer Mary Zahn and William H. Moennig III. Her father's maternal half sister is actress Blythe Danner, thus she is a cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow.. Career. Moennig moved to New York City at the age of 18 to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.. In , she .

#1 Katherine moennig is she gay


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Katherine moennig is she gay

When I was a little girl, I had two great loves: I discovered a queer List of naruto trading cards right there, intermingled into cassette tape culture, smack dab in the middle of my childhood. Many years later, a few things would make full circle and I'd speculate how these circles can and have overlapped with being the gay person Rubber chicken relay I am, connecting me later in life with the pop culture idols who helped me come out, love myself and just so happened to idolize the same hunky dudes I was so in awe over when I was still holding a lunch pale. I used to glorify what it must feel like to be a teenager -- what magazines they read, what music they listen to, how lust and rebellion, or flirtation and innocence caused for daydreaming, leaving me with pangs of curiosity. But what was I thinking about? As an eight-year-old, I wanted every single bit of "it" -- not just going to the prom with Dylan McKay, but the American fitness models picture: Dylan's cool little bungalow, Kelly's platinum blonde hair, the way they looked at each other. It was romantic, hot and youthfully charged. And, it wasn't that I wanted to be with Dylan, or wanted to be with Kelly or Brendait was that I wanted their chemistry, with anyone. And I knew that it would be cool if it were a combination of the two, which I would later label: At my 10th birthday, a friend bought me a bright yellow mesh top and the kind of big hat you might see on the TV show Blossom. I freaked out because this ensemble was as close as anyone could get to a perfect Kelly outfit. Showing Bloody nude pcs my new hip clothes, my friend Sara pointed out that I looked like a Katherine moennig is she gay from a summer movie we were all obsessed with, Camp Nowhere. In a scene where child actor Andrew Keegan is working under Telephone harassment virginia car, the girl walks in to the garage and he slides out beneath her, saying, "If you were wearing a skirt right now, I'd be in heaven. Now, many of us role-played as kids, often taking on gender roles that we grew up around --the dad and the mom, a doctor and a nurse, characters. And we switched roles too, because it's what was "fair. They were sporty, witty, weird, confident, gutsy and most importantly, protective. I always Katherine moennig is she gay like if anyone was trying to bully or harass me, these girls would have my back. To make matters really interesting -- many Teen criminals juvie those childhood friends turned out to be gay, just like me. Apart from the role-playing and my growing curiosity, I'd find Katherine moennig is she gay wrecked in sudden panic, feeling wrong or sick, and I didn't want to be "found out. Fast-forward into the...


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HOW'S this for a parlor game: Which lesbian on 'The L Word' would you most like to sleep with? Centering on an eclectic and improbably glamorous group of lesbians living in West Hollywood, "The L Word" is something of a gay, 21st century "Thirtysomething," with fewer toddlers and a lot more sex. But while not many people talked about mentally undressing the likes of Michael or Elliot, "The L Word" seems to invite no end of experimental erotic fantasy. The hands-down winner, particularly among straight women, seems to be Shane McCutcheon, the Lothario-like hairstylist whose smoky voice and boyish swagger present a version of female sexuality rarely seen on television. Shane's real-life alter ego, the inscrutable and unequivocally androgynous actress Katherine Moennig pronounced MAN-igg , bears a disarming resemblance to the character she plays. Though not quite as severe and presumably less sexually rapacious than Shane who, we learned last season, has slept with upward of 1, women , Moennig embodies a hyper-cool gender-bending that touches a nerve with viewers across the spectrum of sexual orientation. Dressed for a recent interview in classic Shane attire -- a short, tailored jacket, low-slung jeans and Vans sneakers -- and speaking in a throaty, unmannered drone, Moennig comes across as Shane Plus, a sylph-like, punk rock-inspired tomboy with an easier smile and quicker laugh than Shane, not to mention a penchant for eating lunch at the Chateau Marmont -- not necessarily Shane's kind of place. I don't think she has butch qualities, and she doesn't look butch. I think that's an easy label to make because she's not as feminine as the other girls. I'd call her androgynous because she is. Her mother is a former Broadway dancer, and her father, who passed away last spring, was the brother of actress Blythe Danner, which of course makes Gwyneth Paltrow her cousin. But the family resemblance seems to go only as far as the model-like bone structure and perpetually slouched shoulders. Despite certain celebrity-like traits sunglasses worn indoors, personal life fairly off-limits , Moennig is in many ways the anti-starlet. She still occupies the same West Hollywood apartment she rented when she moved from New York two years ago, and her friends, not all actors, are spread out all over the country. And when it comes to choosing roles, glamour is not at issue. So they were all characters who were on the fringes...

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Ever since Ellen was cancelled, we have been starving for a TV show featuring a loud, proud, leaping lesbian. Dressed in tailored suits, open collar and white runners, Degeneres exudes lesbian on her talk show. More glamour for nighttime is definitely what The L-Word is serving up. Until The L-Word came along, only the occasional lesbian character drifted into televisionland: Many American shows are shot in Vancouver, where production crews are skilled and American producers can stretch their production dollars. I was on The L-Word set for a few days during production as a background performer—one of the few authentic lesbians in front of the camera for that episode. Though the central characters in The LWord are queer, most of the actors are heterosexual. Exceptions include Laurel Holloman, who plays Tina Kennard and identifies as bisexual. Hailey is also an accomplished musician and a member of the LA-based band Gush. Canadian Mia Kirshner who plays Jenny Schecter has hinted she is bisexual, according to thelwordonline. Rumours abound that Katherine Moennig who plays Shane McCutcheon is gay, though she refuses to discuss her orientation. The characters are engaging, the scripts are tightly written, the show is slickly produced and it is entertaining and sexy. Themes in season one see characters trying to conceive, cheat on lovers, advance careers, fall in lust with co-workers, and come out— professionally and personally. One of the central characters, is played by Jennifer Beals Flashdance. The first season followed the couple as they sought out potential sperm donors. Alice, meanwhile, keeps a chart that connects all lesbians for two degrees of separation. She records who is sleeping with whom, living with whom, or otherwise connected. Creator and producer Ilene Chaiken knew when she started that a dramatic series all about dykes was a risky proposition. In fact, The L Word was in development for four years before it debuted on Showtime last year. She knew first-hand that Hollywood was not an easy place for a lesbian to maneuver. The only truly homophobic incident she recalls is the time she butted heads with a TV executive who...

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In the 20 th century, relationships existed only between a man and a woman, but now in the 21st-century situation, time and thoughts have drastically changed. It has been clearly proved that Love is blind. Being lesbian or gay does not mean that they are different. We can not change what actually they are from inside. With the presence of the bond between a man and a woman, there also exists the relationship between a lady and a woman. Following the same trend actress Katherine Moenning has fallen in love with the same sex partner due to which her fans are eager to know about her existing relationship with her girlfriend. Katherine Moenning has forever remained in the controversy for dating several stars in the past. She was in the news for dating Evan Rachelwood, who had just split with her husband, Jamie Bell. The source reports the initiation of rumor since the year However, in the year , they were caught flirting with one another via their respective social media. The insider, as reported by the dailymail. They were holding hands and looked very much like a couple. Though the pair had not confirmed about their relationship, a source has disclosed to hollywoodlife. She had a crush on her for years but now can act on it. She thinks they make an amazing couple. She is head over heels, and Katherine feels the same way. When 2 shows collide. A post shared by Kate Moennig kateomoennig on Feb 7, at 4: Even though the paparazzi often caught them together in several places, neither Rachel nor Katherine have posted any cozy pictures of them in their social media account. At present, the actress is no longer together with Evan Rachel Wood as Evan is said to have got engaged...

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Katherine moennig is she gay

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Evan Rachel Wood is dating Katherine Moennig after flirting with the actress on Twitter a source PHOTOS: Hollywood's gay couples Wood, 27, who revealed she was bisexual after splitting from fiance Marilyn Manson in. It's fair to say that the enigmatic Katherine Moennig has made more of . to ask Kate about her charity for gay homeless kids, what she makes. Katherine "Kate" Moennig plays lesbian playgirl Shane on The L Word. But is she a lesbian in real life?. Katherine Sian Moennig (born December 29, ) is an American actress known for her role She has played multiple lesbian roles: Shane McCutcheon in The L Word; In , the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) produced the documentary My Address: A Look At Gay Youth Homelessness in cooperation with Moennig. Kate Moennig talks with AE about Ray Donovan, playing Shane, and the legacy of she's not going to get killed off, or in constant turmoil about her sexuality.


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