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Shooting victim Kara Douglas is a party girl who loves fashion, friends, Harley Davidsons and "anything fast", according to her website. The year-old Sydney model was among three people shot - one fatally - on the corner of Flinders Lane and William Street in Melbourne's central business district.

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Kara dougles model

Three people were shot, one fatally, [3] by Christopher Wayne Hudson, 31, a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, who opened fire on two men and a woman during an argument on the corner of William Street and Flinders Lane Hardcore metal with a good beat about 8: Hudson fled from the scene and went into hiding for two days, before turning himself in to police on 20 June in Milf brittany gaggingnorth of Melbourne. In MayHudson pleaded guilty to the murder of Brendan Keilar [5] and was sentenced that September to life imprisonment with a Kara dougles model of 35 years before becoming eligible for parole. Shortly afterward, he was involved in a kickboxing tournament on the Gold Coast and was shot in the chin. On 28 June, Didak was interviewed by police about this incident. Didak claimed that he was intoxicated at the time, was not in control of the situation and was concerned for his safety. Early in the morning of 18 June, he assaulted stripper Autumn Daly-Holt, a workmate of his girlfriend, year-old Kara Douglas. Hudson Kara dougles model her out onto the street by her hair. Hudson pulled a gun and shot all three. Keilar was fatally wounded in the head. Douglas later had a kidney removed as a result of her injuries. His other vehicle was a black Mercedes-Benz sedan, later found in Richmond. Still high from Kara dougles model drug bingeHudson fled to a Hells Angels safehouse north of the city. Homicide squad detectives transferred him to Melbourne where he was charged with murder and other offences in an out of court hearing. Hudson was to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Courtbut was unable to make it due to an injury to his forearm that required surgery. The formal charges were: He was later also charged with nine offences in relation to the shooting incident involving Collingwood Magpies player Alan Didak. In Mayallegations came to light that Hudson had been tortured by members of the Hell's Angels for bringing unwanted police attention to the group. The claimant alleges Fetish video gallery free club tattoo was burned from his forearm with a blowtorch before he Platos sex resort to police. The story arose after police raided the Angels' clubhouse in Sydney and took possession of a Harley Davidson motorcycle apparently owned by Hudson. Paul de Waard returned to the Netherlands Kara dougles model recover from his American pnuematic model 160. In Octoberhe revealed on a television interview that he was still undergoing extensive rehabilitation. He also made an appearance in the Dutch television show In de Strip house nyc restaurant van het nieuws In the shadow of the news on 21 November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 24 June Archived from the original on 30 December Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 3 April Archived from the original on 26 June Retrieved 20 June Archived from the original on 19 June Retrieved 21 June Inside...

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Shooting victim Kara Douglas is a party girl who loves fashion, friends, Harley Davidsons and "anything fast", according to her website. The year-old Sydney model was among three people shot - one fatally - on the corner of Flinders Lane and William Street in Melbourne's central business district at 8. Douglas was being attacked by a man who suddenly pulled out a handgun and, at point-blank range, blasted two men in the upper body who went to her aid before she too was shot. Douglas is in a serious but stable condition in hospital. According to the website of CMD, which represents Douglas in her modelling career, she lives in Sydney. She has blue eyes, brown hair and a centimetre bust, the website says. The promotions model has been on the agency's books for two years and the business's co-owner, Carley Downward, said she led the life of a model. Good for promotions, never had any complaints, always personable. But she does travel to Melbourne for work. She also does freelance work as well, so she might have been in Melbourne for that," she said. Vivacious and naughty, an online snapshot shows a woman who enjoys living dangerously and "anything fast". Her hobbies are standard, "shopping, swimming, running, going out, being in love" and her desires are average: She loves magazines, and describes her mother as the "most amazing person God ever put on this earth". Douglas, who now has black hair and calls herself Kaera, chats as friends drop invitations to Melbourne's A-list nightspots. Motel, Ocean Blue and Boutique are among venues mentioned by friends, who often refer to her as "battlecat". Mark "Chopper" Read is in Douglas's online network of contacts, although this doesn't imply she is close. The site allows people to link themselves to celebrities, with former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, singer Jewel and porn star Jenna Jameson all listed as "friends". Some of the passages are prophetic. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons … avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. But the poem also reminds her that for every villain there is also a white knight. They can get a bit 'You can't tell me what to do. All the male security guys just jumped on him and got him out. I just tried to compose myself. I guess I was in...

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Join the Douglas Archives Community Network. The alleged killer Christopher Wayne Hudson was a wanted man before Monday's triple shooting in Melbourne. Police said he was probably responsible for a shooting at a truck factory in the city's north a week ago. Police said the Hells Angels bikie, 29, had an "extensive" criminal history and remained "very dangerous", as his distraught parents pleaded for him to give himself up peacefully. Hudson's father, Terry, at a news conference on the Gold Coast, revealed he had spoken to his son by phone an hour after the shooting. Terry Hudson pleaded yesterday: Victoria's Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon, described Hudson as "out of control" after he shot dead Brendan Keilar, 43, a solicitor, and wounded a Dutch backpacker, Both men, widely praised as good Samaritans, had tried to stop Hudson attacking his girlfriend, Kaera Douglas , 24, a former Sydney model, who was also shot. Earlier, it is alleged, he viciously attacked her friend, Autumn Daly-Holt, outside a nightclub. On her MySpace website, Ms Douglas paints herself as a party girl who loves movies, going out, being in love and "anything fast". Her webpage is emblazoned with Harley Davidson emblems and features dozens of snaps of her and friends, some in raunchy poses. She was in a serious but stable condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital last night. Neighbours laid flowers at the fence. Mr Keilar's father, Harry, at Warrnambool, said: It's the loss of our son and the wife and children he's left behind. What happens to him [the killer] at this stage doesn't worry me one bit. Brendan Keilar had recently bought a beach house at Point Lonsdale. A fortnight ago, the extended Keilar clan - including Brendan's five siblings - spent a long weekend there. He was very excited. The family of the Dutch tourist were on their way to Australia yesterday and requested that his name not be made public. By last night both cars linked to Hudson - a late model black Mercedes and a NSW-registered black Honda CRV - had been found, the former in the underground car...


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ONE girl spent a picture-book childhood in bucolic wine-and-sheep country in southern Western Australia before moving to Melbourne with her sister and her parents. A bit edgy, a bit flamboyant, she ended up graduating from one of Melbourne's elite state high schools, McKinnon Secondary College, renowned for its ability to nurture young artistic talent. She is Autumn Daly-Holt, Party girl, fashion tragic, self-proclaimed bisexual adventurer and exotic dancer, she is articulate, smart and — usually — pretty. Right now, though, she is unrecognisable and very, very frightened. Her face has been beaten and swollen beyond recognition by the boots of a man wanted for two shootings in Melbourne on Monday morning — a Hells Angel and now Australia's most wanted, Christopher Wayne Hudson. Sources have told The Age that Ms Daly-Holt, who is recovering from the injuries she sustained in the attack, is refusing to answer questions for fear of her life. Her friend Kara Douglas, also 24, is a fellow party animal. Ms Douglas is another attractive woman who likes to portray herself in porn-girl poses on her MySpace site alongside people such as pop star Holly Valance. She and Valance are stablemates with a modelling agency, CMD. She has skirted the edges of Melbourne's celebrity underworld, having worked as a "door girl" at a Crown casino cafe and as a hostess at the Telstra Dome gym Fitness. That was until Monday morning. Now she has lost a kidney and is battling to survive critical injuries sustained when she was shot by Hudson — her bikie friend and, it appears, her lover — on the corner of Flinders Lane and William Street early on Monday morning. Early reports indicated it was Ms Daly-Holt who was Hudson's "girl". He had become a King Street club regular in recent weeks...

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Kara dougles model

Sydney model 'enjoys living dangerously'

Shooting victim Kara Douglas is a party girl who loves fashion, friends, The year-old Sydney model was among three people shot - one. Her friend Kara Douglas, also 24, is a fellow party animal. A Malvern East She and Valance are stablemates with a modelling agency, CMD. Kaera Douglas - a wild-living, hard-drinking stripper at the time - has revealed that she is trying to reform her life and wants to use her. CBD shooting survivor Kara Douglas says Victoria should bring back the death penalty for those convicted of murdering women. THE devastated yet relieved family of Kara Douglas closed ranks around her The occasional model, 24, had surgery after being shot in the.

60 Minutes Australia: In the line of fire, part one (2017)

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