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Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel

Mar 19,  · Thane Silliker's custom gravity tank on his ST at the start of the 09 IBR (Thane is a great Canadian LD Rider!!).

#1 Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel

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Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Reputation 12 Offline Years Contributed: Under King Richards thumb Miles Typed: We don't have a thread about fuel cells here. Warchild used to have a great blog about his fuel cell on the XX but it seems to be down when I do a search for his page. I'm looking to add a 4ga fuel cell to my bike this year and would like to tap into the wealth of knowledge of those that already have done so. Mainly I'm looking for the details of the hook-up and what parts you used. Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel to run the lines, a good way to tap into the tank, what valves to use, what valves Best outdoor blowjob stay away from, pictures of brackets. Basically any tips and advice you would have please post up and educate the uneducated. What kind of bike? The parts needed and the hookup can vary between bikes. I've got a 4 gallon Tourtank I use on my Tiger set up on a spare pillion Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel and plumbed with quick connect fittings, all gravity fed. Takes me about a minute to put on or take off the aux tank. A gravity feed system is what I looking for. Reputation 0 Offline Motorcycles: Yes more info please! This winter I plan to add a second fuel cell. I don't want to plumb into the fuel tank though so I was planing on cutting the fuel line putting in a Y then having a fuel pump in my Cell. Switches to turn off the fuel pumps. I was going to put check valves and quick disconnects inline between the pumps and the engine. Anyone see issues with this setup? Any leads on where Home web pages sex tanks can be made? I have an 08 Kawasaki Versys. Lonerockz on June Lesbians eating pussy to orgasm, Reputation Offline Motorcycles: Tony T on June 15, Davo IBA - Australia http: I have a 5 gal plastic tank wiht all the fittings attached, but no hook up or connectors. I am basically stuck on how to plumb it into my plastic gas tank. I know there are various bulkhead fittings Teen girls shaving their twats can be used, but I have not looked that thoroughly and would dearly love someone to just set me up with a fitting and connector kit - or buy Asian hidden cam massage from me so i can quit thinking about it. I might as well learn to play tennis for all I'm riding IBA 24, and still invinciblehttp: Reputation 17 Offline Years Contributed: Atlanta area Miles Typed: Keep em coming guys. This is something I have been interested in adding over the last couple of years. Definately something I would like to have in time for the Void rally this fall. I'm Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel an 06 FJR and have a spare back...

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De la hoya bulge

Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Super Tenere Auxiliary fuel cell. Thread starter OX Start date Apr 6, Firstly, remove the bodywork from the left and right sides to access the tank mounts. Thanks for the post Ox. Im curious as to why you removed the pump with the tank on the bike? Every Yamaha pump assembly Ive taken out has been the devil to get out the hole as you know. I like to sit the tank in my lap to get that pump out. But always some new thing to learn and Im about to fit my s10 with an Auxtank. Gatey with the tank happily standing up at 90 degrees like that I just pulled the pump out that way rather than fiddle with the fuel injection hose. I had TigerBill with me as the extra pair of hands in the pics. The next Super Tenere tank that I drilled was a solo effort and first removed the tank. I've previously done a couple of FJRs and Blackbirds and couldn't get their tanks raised up high enough. So for each of those I removed the tank, followed by the pump. Yes your post had me wondering if there might have been some reason unobserved on my part. I changed into one of those fancy air filter jobs last week and was taking a look at bulkhead fitting locations and remembered this topic and noted that getting a pump out might still be a squeeze. Thanks for your post mate. You must log in or register to reply here.


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The cockpit of a iron butt rally rider imgur. Indeed, most of that is exaggerated. Stock Goldwing has so much features that are hard to really justify, no need to add more. Why would anyone need two GPS devices, besides the one that is probably already built in. Check out this bike, which was taken around the world modified Guzzi Spada. I don't even know anymore, it was aimed at this picture and the original picture as well. So much going on with these bikes have me overwhelmed just sitting behind a keyboard. The front pannier is interesting. I may have to add that. So far I have a top box, panniers front and back, gps, SPOT locator, satellite radio and some other farkles. A lot of gear is needed far from home when you're alone. What is the canopy even supposed to do? Yeah, same thing x How can you ride without knowing the barometric pressure? How can I comment when I don't understand my own comment? Bikes like my TEX already display temperature thanks guys, I've already noticed that my toes are falling off. I give it five years before they come with a built in weather station. I'm curious as to how the GPS unit is used for telemetry? Is there a ground crew or a pit crew somewhere nearby receiving the data from the unit? No, the Zumo the two identical units does not transmit data. You can have the unit displaying weather radar, compass, trip odometer, average speed, and other info that may be relevant. Unless your speedometer has been calibrated, do NOT depend on your own odometer readings for official mileage! Most Japanese motorcycles register at least four percent more miles than actually traveled. Over the course of a 24 hour period, this error can be quite severe - as much as 40 miles. Definitely interesting and I appreciate the detailed response. I guess I was confused over the use of "telemetry. The site is really extensive, but now I really want to do one. This , and the rider can have the GPS's...


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The prevalence of 24hour petrol is increasing with the proliferation of self-serve pumps — Allied has unmanned petrol stations in many small towns all around the country, for example. I ride long distances as part of the NZ Distance Riders group. There had to be a better way. There are a number of ways you can do this. It all depends on whether your motorcycle is fuel injected or not, and where you choose to position the fuel cell. I was helped along in the process by finding an installation of an auxiliary fuel cell on a motorcycle exactly like mine. Right before I was due to do the installation I found the link again. It helps that there are separate seats for the pillion and the rider. Because the fuel cell is higher than the main tank you can refuel using gravity. Tubing is routed from the fuel cell to a flange on the right-hand side of the petrol tank. If I can remove the tank then I can take a passenger, or stow extra gear for more sedate rides. I discovered a luggage rack made by AltRider that clips into the same mechanism that the seat does. In theory, if the tank is mounted to this plate then I can remove it in a matter of seconds. I found one on Amazon and bought it. The next problem to solve is what sort of tank. I looked at many different brands and styles. I would have loved to buy one from Summit Racing — they make a range of very good looking fuel cells but they appeared to lack mounting hardware. I eventually settled on a Tour Tank. They are ugly brushed aluminium barrels, but they come with brackets and a complete installation kit. I felt that given...

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Pontiac trans sport body repair

Last Jump to page: Results 16 to 30 of Iron Butt Rally - whipping an RT and me into shape. Just to give you some ideas That is quite a nice set up. My only beef is the resulting topcase is way too big and the hole is too small. IMO, the topcase should be for rally only gear, camera, flag, laptop and rallybook along with pens and stuff. Side bag on the right side is for riding gear, stuff you might need quick, like heated gear along with a small bag of clothes. Right side is for spare parts, tools and such. Hydration and fuel D-Mac -- here is a hydration set-up that is easy to put together that you could try for a few months to see if it fits your needs. Aerostich sells tank panniers in two sizes and two colors. Get the larger size. They come with little half-assed bungee cords that you should throw away and replace with simple cinch straps. Strap them to the vertical frame pieces near the foot pegs. Rest the panniers on the foot pegs and run the straps that would normally go over the tank under the rider seat. The straps are very thick because they have velcro on them, so cut off the excess. The panniers will stay in place without any special brackets, especially with weight in them. I found a rectangular gallon jug at Wal-Mart on the same shelf with the Igloo or Coleman jugs. It has a swivel spout built into the cap. Rip the spout off, and drill the hole in the cap to fit a Camebak tube with bite valve. You might need extra tubing and a connector, and you definitely need the insulating cover for the tube. I used a couple of...

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Iron butt motorcycle auxillary fuel

Auxilliary fuel tank installation on a motorcycle

B1: Motorcycles do not require an auxiliary fuel system. Not be constructed of anything other than metal unless previously approved by the rally's technical. Even with the tank syphoned "dry" fuel will flow once the pump is freed Im curious as to why you removed the pump with the tank on the bike?. This 5-gal unit can be seen on many bikes at the start of the Iron Butt Rally all for less than $ Now all you really have to do is fabricate a. The Iron Butt Associations fuel capacity limit is US gallons including the stock capacity of your bikes fuel tank. There are 2 main design. As a premier member of the Iron Butt Association, there's a heap of information on how to install an auxiliary fuel tank. Most riders in the USA.

Motorcycle Auxiliary Tanks

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