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How do i spank my husband

This post is in response to a comment on the Why Do Married Men Masturbate post where a wife’s husband admitted to masturbating and she’s struggling with how to deal with that revelation. I’ve copied the comment below for reference. Thank you for this reading it, something told me I needed to discuss it with my husband.

#1 How do i spank my husband


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How do i spank my husband

As stated earlier, a wife must strictly forbid her husband to masturbate. That prohibition must be enforced in order to be effective. Your husband must know that if he does masturbate he will be in trouble with you. That trouble will include by its very nature a certain measure of shame and embarrassment, but it must also be tangible. The woman who punishes her husband in a forthright manner wins his respect and adoration. A woman who attempts to punish her husband in weak and indirect ways earns his disregard and even contempt. As for your concern that your husband will not accpet punishment from you, I can assure you that most men will actually welcome the idea. This is discussed further in the section Why This Works. For now, the thing to know is that men are chock full of sexual fantasies that they rarely act out or tell anyone, especially their wives, about. Among those fantasies is a fascination with the idea of being dominated by a powerful woman. When you discipline your husband you tap into that fantasy in order to benifit yourself, your husband, your marriage Good teen book series your family. Another reason he will acquiesce to your discipline is the control you have taken over his ejaculation. When he has become accustomed to awaiting your permission to ejaculate, he will obey you without rebellion. The short answer is no. For most men it is not the punishment, but the power of the woman doing the punishing, that arouses. A good, hard spanking hurts and is humiliating while it is happening. The notion that you have or may at any time cause him those feelings makes you excruciatingly desirable to him. There are two components to a Domestic Discipline agreement. There is a game-type aspect and a serious aspect to it. How do i spank my husband game aspect wins How do i spank my husband cooperation. The serious aspect makes it an effective behavioral modifier. This question is explained further in the FAQs section. Punishement can take many forms: The foundation for them all is the spanking. The experience of being spanked hard by you makes him more cooperative with the less physical punishments. By this I do not mean a simple slap on the buttocks. That can be used, if you like as playful foreplay. What How do i spank my husband mean is a serious, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed, hard spanking with something other than your hand. You may begin with your hand if your like, but in order for it to be truly disciplinary you must use something such as a paddle, the backside of a hairbrush or a belt. A rich description of implements and techniques can be found through sites as The Disciplinary Wives Club. This site is a must for any wife who is really serious about introducing discipline into her relationship. This kind of direct punishment is much more likely to affect the kinds of changes you want...


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Annonces gays idf

I'll never forget that afternoon. It was 5pm and my world turned upside down. I'd just ordered John, my husband of 30 years, a jazz festival ticket for his birthday, and, to keep it a surprise, wanted to wipe the site from the computer's list of recently visited addresses. I'd never done this before. But instead of "Cheltenham Town Hall" at the top, sites were all mixed up, going back two or three years. Names such as "Spanking", "Fetish" Just at that moment John came back from work. Who on earth's been looking at that? There were two men in the house: John full-time and Robbie our son in university holidays. Both gentle, respectful of women, perfectly "normal" sexually, I presumed. John had a low libido, didn't lech at other women and had not looked at porn mags since he was a teenager. I couldn't imagine for one minute it was him. I asked how on earth those sites could have got there. That was the moment my world fell apart. There was something to talk about. This kind, loving man, who had boycotted The Archers after Sid and Jolene's raunchy shower scene I could not have imagined anything more at odds with the man I knew. After tea, we talked. He was touchingly honest, with good eye contact. He had been looking at porn sites, bondage ones. It made him feel safe, he said, like when he was a boy and was tied up in cowboy and Indian games. He'd been doing it daily for the past three years, more or less. That was why our phone bills were so high. And I thought he'd just been checking for emails. Normally so sensible, so mature, so wise, how could he do this day after day and think he wouldn't be found out, our whole relationship wouldn't be threatened, the consequences wouldn't be dire? What was he - a pervert? He seemed as horrified and bewildered as I was. Strangely, I felt turned on. We were both in our 50s, and our sex life had taken a big dip. Still warm companions, we walked together every morning and had no rows. But we did lead semi-detached lives, he wrapped up in his hobbies, me in mine. The next few days and weeks were the cliched rollercoaster. Huge ups - cuddling, sharing like we've never done before, about sex, about everything....

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#3 Teen mentoring activities


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Teen mentoring activities

Rose has very limited tolerance for bad behavior from her husband Terry. She explains what happens once her limit is reached: He is rendered completely helpless, over my knee and, with the part of his anatomy that I will be paying attention to, bare and aimed skyward. Even though Terry is actually bigger than I am, between the two restraints it allows me complete freedom and he is quite unable to do anything to avoid his spanking. You are welcome and invited to contact the authors Rose and Terry. T his is just a normal occurrence relating what commonly happens around our house. Terry may have had a problem at work, be upset about it, not let it go and be taking it out on everyone around him including me. He may have said he would do something and just continued to put it off again and again and it is still not done. I will usually take a few days of either and then decide to put an end to problem. I will send Terry an e-mail at work, or leave a message on his phone, that I have had enough and will take care of his problem when he gets home. He knows what this means and will fret about it the rest of the day. I believe he should know what is coming and really dread it. This accomplishes that objective. Whatever is wrong will take second place in his mind for at least part of the day. Around six he will get home and, even though he knows by now that it will do him no good, I can expect some flowers or candy or something small as a means of telling me he is really sorry. I will thank him for the present but remind him that it will not change my mind and he will be punished in the usual way. Right after he changes he will come back to the kitchen where I am waiting with my trusty hairbrush. He will try to talk me out of what he has coming, even while...

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#4 Second virgin birth


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Second virgin birth

The dreaded words "Young Man to the bedroom and get ready", which means a spanking is coming, I must be standing, pants and underpants pulled down. It is always otk, hand first hairbrush to insure I learn my lesson. Depending how mad she is I'm taken to the living room to face the wall, or she will tell me to remove everything and taken to the living room naked to face the wall. Visitor or not I stay facing the wall, time varies. This is a serious, no sexual, spanking and trust me sitting is very uncomfortable, and when someone drops in I just wish I could run and hide. Her mother drops in often and on one such visit she mentioned my bottom was not red enough, my wife handed her the hairbrush, but she pulled out of her large purse a thick paddle and boy did I dance on her lap. I was told by her to put on my pajamas and that is when my wife started pj punishment. Naughty little boys do not leave the house and do as "Mommy Said", also it is early to bed and worse of all a bath given, not a fun bath either. LOL yes we do finish each other sentences but not with those words. Our FLM started when I did something wrong and after not talking the rest of the day the next day I said I was sorry and said I wish you would spank me for what I did. She agreed and after spanking and talking we both felt that was the best way to handle problems. The first time I spanked my husband was a fun birthday spanking. It was over his underpants but I enjoyed it. When I wanted to do it again he...


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Amber rose nude pic video

I am aching, and feel a sympathetic burn just reading this. I used a massage therapist several years ago who was a Dominant. She did not spank me as she preferred to stick with her own subs, but saw my spanked bottom and always commented. She was absolutely professional during the massage. Far, far more than I could endure. My wife seldom gets past 20 of anything before she loses interest or is afraid she's damaged me. My most severe spanking involved six strokes of the cane. Welts were left even though the skin was not broken. The whistling noise a cane makes before striking is both frightening and erotic. I am always spanked on all fours on the bed. A riding crop is my wife's I instrument of choice. Her friend Liz has caned me twice. I cried like a little girl after the second stroke. I am always dressed pretty and that always includes a petticoat or a crinoline. The ritual of raising of my skirts over my back is very sensuous and sends me deep into subspace. My orgasms always include swallowing. We love your blog! Seems pretty mild - 6 - no matter how hard. Imagine if you had to endure 36? I would be interested in hearing how long it took for the marks to disappear. He heals so fast. Little trace a day later. Literally no trace two days later. That's why a husband's butt and thighs are where "nature intended" he be punished. Hardly any effects soon after. Julie, I definitely think you're right when you say "I think I am one of a relatively small percentage of women who can really enjoy whipping her man this hard. Thank you as always! I have spoken with some women who feel the same. They...

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How do i spank my husband

'Suddenly anything seemed possible'

How I Spank: With my husband's arms and legs secured he receives a sound and thorough hairbrush spanking over my knee. I conducted an epic spanking for my husband the other day and thought I would share it here. His ass was very messed up and I had him. Some of you may be thinking I shouldn't have to punish my husband as if he After a good, hard spanking, on the other hand, a husband feels. QUESTION: I recently accompanied my husband to a school reunion on and he persuaded me to spank him that night before we made love. My husband bought a paddle on Amazon solely to spank me. He uses it very seldomly, maybe once a year. The last time he used it was on.

I like to Spank My Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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