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Debates most latina teen moms

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#1 Debates most latina teen moms

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Debates most latina teen moms

Today we are debating a very serious issue about teenage pregnancy in our society. The IFP believes that youth is the future of this country and we need to protect them and lead them and protect them to become Granney sex fuck pictures adults. We also have to help them to reach their adulthood. Each year the high rate of Female balloons sex pregnancy is increasing. This is an indication of the fact that we are failing to stop this scourge. We must bring together all sectors of the community in this effort. Parents of adolescents, teachers, faith leaders, youth, business owners, schools administrators all have a role to play. Young people have the right to live healthy lives. Providing them with honest, age appropriate comprehensive sexual health Lesbian love making photo is a key part in helping them take personal responsibility for their health and well-being. Providing young people with the skills and tools to make healthy decisions about sex and relationships is far more effective than denying them information and simply telling them not to have sex. Young people need sex education policies that respect their autonomy and include all of the necessary information, Debates most latina teen moms programs that deny important and relevant information. Abstinence only until marriage programs do not serve the needs of young people, and often contains and perpetrates stigmatizing, shaming, and stereotyping messages. Comprehensive sexual health education programs should include medically accurate, age-appropriate information about healthy sexual growth and development; healthy relationships; prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections through abstinence and contraception. But, it is also the case that teen pregnancy is closely linked to a host of other critical social issues—poverty and income, overall child well-being, out-of-wedlock births, responsible fatherhood, health issues, education, child welfare, and other risky behaviour. There are also substantial public costs associated with adolescent child-bearing. Consequently, teen pregnancy should be Debates most latina teen moms not only as a reproductive health issue, but as one that encompasses all of the aforementioned. It is therefore necessary to understand the associated risk and preventative factors in order to appropriately implement prevention efforts, as these factors occur in multiple domains. Teen pregnancy can result in a number of negative consequences such as; teen mothers are more than likely to drop out of high schools Debates most latina teen moms females who delay having children, resulting in social isolation from their peer group. With an incomplete education teenage mothers may lack necessary job skills and are more likely to live in poverty which can lead to a cycle of poverty for that child. Teen mothers are more at risk for increased exposure to domestic abuse and violence. Children born to teenage mothers are at greater risk for abuse and neglect, increased risk of developmental delay and learning disabilities, and are less likely to receive early and continuing cognitive and social stimulation, resulting in underdeveloped intellect and lower rates on academic achievement. By preventing teen and unplanned...


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Henriquez begins by offering some important context in which to situate the debate. Latinos have a much lower high school and college graduate rate compared to white teens. This background information gives insight into the environment facing pregnant Latina teens. Other sociological research has shown that when women give birth at young ages they are less likely to finish school, less likely to land well paying, stable jobs, and thus more likely to be poor. Henriquez continues on to say that:. In addition, despite the demonization of immigrants in recent health care debates, most Latina teen moms are not immigrants. These are critical points that highlight the ways Latinas are cast in what Joe Feagin insightfully describes as the white racial frame. This frame discussed elsewhere on this blog encompasses stereotypes, sincere fictions, and ideologies about different racial groups. However, these stereotypes, images, and beliefs are shaped by gender as well as race. Thus, women of color often are cast as hypersexual, while men of color are likely to be depicted as criminals. As such, when Henriquez writes that Latina teens do not have sex more often than white teen girls, nor are they mostly immigrants, she counters white racial framing of Latinas as hypersexual, irresponsible, and a drain on national resources. Religion and family influence are very important factors, but for sexually active Latina teens these are not the only or even most relevant obstacles to birth control usage. For many Latinas, the top barriers to birth control usage are much more mundane: When teen pregnancy prevention programs and messages ignore these obstacles, Latinas become distanced from sex education efforts. The issues she cites—transportation, lack of health insurance—are directly linked to social class. Switch out the car, the suburbs, and the health insurance for an impoverished neighborhood, no access to a doctor, and no money to find one, and the picture gets much bleaker. For Latinas, intersections of race and gender are also factors. Henriquez astutely points out that immigration regulation can add layers of bureaucratic confusion that can make it difficult for these teen girls to access social services. This is a point that highlights that race makes a difference, and that not all racial groups are interchangeable—these issues of immigration regulation are less likely to impact poor black teens, for instance. But they are more likely to impact teen Latinas who, by virtue of their sex, face...

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The extent to which pregnancy intentions mediate the relationship between individual, familial and cultural characteristics and adolescent pregnancy is not well understood. The role of intentions may be particularly important among Latina teenagers, whose attitudes toward pregnancy are more favorable than those of other groups and whose pregnancy rates are high. Prospective, time-varying data from — were used to investigate whether two measures of pregnancy intentions, wantedness and happiness, mediated associations between risk factors and pregnancy among Latina adolescents in San Francisco. Participants were tested for pregnancy and interviewed about pregnancy intentions, partnerships, family characteristics and activities every six months for two years. Associations and mediation were examined using logistic regression. Neither pregnancy intention variable mediated relationships between participant characteristics and pregnancy. After adjustment for other measures, wantedness was strongly associated with pregnancy odds ratio, 2. Having a strong family orientation was associated with happiness 3. Low sexual relationship power with a main partner was associated with an elevated risk of pregnancy 3. Pregnancy intentions were important not as mediators but rather as independent risk factors for pregnancy. Differences in pregnancy rates between groups of Latinas may be less a function of intentional choice than of situational factors. Interventions and research should focus on identifying and targeting factors that hinder effective contraceptive use among teenagers who want to avoid pregnancy. Although numerous social, economic and cultural factors play a role in the high rates of teenage pregnancy among Latinas, increased desire for pregnancy may be one important contributing factor. Given the relatively favorable attitudes toward pregnancy and high pregnancy rates among Latina adolescents, a greater understanding of the relationship among pregnancy intentions, other risk factors and pregnancy itself would provide insight that could guide the design of interventions for reducing unintended pregnancy in this group. The role that pregnancy intentions play in adolescent pregnancy has been a topic of much debate. Alternatively, pregnancy intentions may operate independently of other risk factors, and differences in pregnancy rates between adolescents with different social and cultural backgrounds may be due to other influences, such as disparate access to contraceptives. Indeed, data from a...


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Large disparities among racial and ethnic groups and geographic areas remain. American Indian or Alaska native teens registered the highest percentages, The lowest rate was among non-Hispanic whites, Given the attention to the Latina teen birth rate, difficulties in the economy and the knowledge about the importance of an education, many in the Latino community wish Latina and Latino teens received accurate sex education in school. According to a poll released last month asking Latinos about their feelings about teen pregnancies:. In the poll, respondents, who were mostly in the age range from , overwhelmingly supported comprehensive sex education in schools, especially discussing topics such as: Sexually transmitted diseases So, during this month, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, along with their media partners, are affording teens and their parents the access they need to information and the opportunity to discuss the issue with their friends and family. The following is a list of special media events taking place in the month of May to jumpstart the conversation about teen births. Seventeen will be blogging about the National Day for their teen readers and promoting the quiz on their Twitter feed. You must be logged in to post a comment. Toddler faced deportation to Peru until this happened. No More Deaths organization duels with Border Patrol over water and food drops for migrants. Blue Origin says it'll start selling tickets to space tourists in Real estate start-up creates digital makeover for the traditional "For Sale" sign. Peru sees record number of Venezuelan entries in single day. Share Tweet Share Share Share. According to a poll released last month asking Latinos about their feelings about teen pregnancies: Previous Post Pew analysis of million strong Mexican-origin Latinos highlights the similarities, disparities and need for immigration...

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I think teen pregnancy is not good because some teens can get hurt off of teen pregnancy and i also think that teens should not have boyfriends because that is what make girls get pregnant at that young age which is not good so i think that they should stop. Teen pregnancy is only a problem because we make it out to be. We portray teen moms, as parents who are don't know how to take care of a baby, which is actually the case with most 1st time moms, and that they rack up welfare money, again not true. Even better, the most accurate studies show teen motherhood is not socially costly and may even be economically beneficial for certain poor populations. People always say that your life is ruined whenever you have a child at such a young age. It actually motivated me to fight stronger for the best in my child's life and mines. I graduated, I am working, I am going to school. I am fairly just as well as other teen students without a child. There is no way one could consider teen pregnancy a good thing. Far too many lives have been damaged due to teen pregnancy in the past. The teen for one must make adult decisions regarding the infant, thereby taking away the joy of being a teen. The infant may pay a large price by being raised by a child as well. Both of these would cause life long problems. I am not a teen mom, but I am not against it. My family is against it. My friend had a baby recently. My parents were upset about it and didnt want me to hang out with her. The way i see it, a baby is a good thing. As long...

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Debates most latina teen moms

Debate On Teen Pregnancy

You know, at the same time that we see a lot of teen pregnancy among Hispanic girls, we also know Hispanic teens are the group most likely to. Most teens in study believe that parents give conflicting messages Of the Latino teens surveyed, 49 percent said their parents most. 72 pregnancies per 1, women aged 15–19), and Latina teenagers were twice as intentions play in adolescent pregnancy has been a topic of much debate. Prior studies have found that Latinas whose mothers had more permissive. Each year the high rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing. Teen mothers are more at risk for increased exposure to domestic abuse and. I think they have also stayed the most humble. What I don't see any of the cast saying in their speaking engagements, books, or advocacy for teen pregnancy is .

Debates: Pregnant Teens (2011)

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